NeoGenesis Recovery for Wound Care

Over two years ago I had adult braces put on which caused injury to my lips.  I would put lip balm on my lips constantly, which basically caused a “diaper rash” on my lips because they could not breath. I went to multiple doctors and specialists and they tried everything.  They scraped the skin for testing, and tried anti-fungal creams which basically disintegrated the skin even further.  They did acid soaks, steroids and topical antibiotics which either did nothing or inflamed the problem, making things even worse.  Over 10 different prescription creams in all, plus multiple doctor’s visits.

I am crying while writing this because I honestly do not know how I made it through that period. It had a severe impact on my self-esteem and my emotional well-being.  I was so depressed, I would not leave my house unless I absolutely had to. The pain was bad, but the humiliation of going out in public feeling hideous looking, and knowing there was nothing I could do about it was even worse.

In the beginning when the sores would begin to breakout, it would take approximately a month for the wound to go from a raw open sore to scabbing up and falling off.  When the scabs fell off, it was back to the open wound.  The process would repeat, it was getting worse and I felt like they would never heal.   I had no protective skin on my lips at all, it was just an open sore all the time, and it was extremely painful with a constant intense burning sensation.

I started using the NeoGenesis products on my lips approximately a year and a half ago.  It took a few months for things to start to improve, but they were not getting worse which was such a relief.  After about 6 months the pain was completely gone.  The cycle from wound to scab has gone from a month to only 1-2 days.

My lips look and feel so much better, I cannot thank you enough for creating these formulas.  I am not exaggerating when I say I cannot live without these products.  They have saved my life and I will never stop using them.”  ~ KM

Skin Condition: Wound Care
Product: NeoGenesis Recovery