Wound Care Videos

Wound Care Videos

View our collection of Wound Care videos that include client testimonial videos, what the Professionals have to say about NeoGenesis products, and educational videos. 

Our recommended product for wound care is the NeoGenesis Recovery serum. This over-the-counter (OTC) product complements topical antibiotics, antiseptics, and various bandages, aiding in wound care and scar reduction. It can be use on new cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and burns. Recovery serum can be applied twice daily under prescribed ointments and bandages until the wound is fully healed. For wounds deeper than the skin’s surface, we recommend consulting a wound care professional for proper evaluation and care.

Recovery serum isn’t limited to new wounds. Whether used alone or in conjunction with Microneedling or Lasers, Recovery serum can enhance the appearance and health of skin with older wounds and scarring. The skin possesses a remarkable ability to continue healing, and Recovery serum can significantly impact areas where scarring has occurred.

As healing progresses, you’ll notice visible improvements as redness, swelling, scabbing, and pain diminish. Continue the use of Recovery serum twice daily, followed by Barrier Renewal Cream to hydrate the damaged skin barrier. Maintain this protocol until the wound is completely healed, with no visible signs remaining at the site of the original trauma.

At NeoGenesis, we’re dedicated to nurturing your skin back to health, whether you’re dealing with fresh wounds or older scars. Our natural approach, coupled with cutting-edge technology, ensures your skin’s optimal healing environment. Experience the transformative power of NeoGenesis, where the journey to healthy, vibrant skin begins.

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