NeoGenesis Videos

Christine Byer – Recovery, My Favorite New Product

Christine Byer, of Christine Byer Esthetics in Indianapolis, Indiana, discusses her experience using NeoGenesis Recovery Serum across a wide range of clients…. young, old, light-skinned, dark-skinned, acne, rosacea, etc. Christine, who has 17 years’ experience in skin care, is awestruck by the results she sees on every skin she puts Recovery on.

Jeffrie Ann Chambers – Licensed Esthetician

Jeffrie Ann Chambers in Austin, Texas discusses NeoGenesis stem cell technology products for age management, acne, rosacea and problem skin. Jeffrie Ann Chambers Skin Care specializes in corrective facial skin care and age management.

Veteran Indianapolis Esthetician Christine Byer

Christine Byer, of Christine Byer Esthetics in Indianapolis, Indiana talks about the benefits she has seen over time using the NeoGenesis product line. Benefits include fading lips lines, breaking down acne scars and an old scar from an operation 6 months prior.  According to Christine: “It’s by far the most advanced I’ve used in 17 years in practice. Love it!”

What I Love About NeoGenesis Products

Carla Butts, of Parlor 11, in Seattle, Washington loves everything about NeoGenesis Stem Cell based skin care products. Carla explains how the NeoGenesis products work differently than other skincare lines to create the healthiest, most radiant skin possible.

Using NeoGenesis Skincare Products during Cancer Treatment

Carla Butts, of Parlor 11, in Seattle, Washington, speaks to the ways cancer impacts the body and can have an adverse effect on the skin. She has observed significant improvement in clients’ skin when using NeoGenesis products before, during, and after oncology treatments.

NeoGenesis Skincare Products for Congested Skin

Donna Glazer, of Face-It, in London, England, is excited about how NeoGenesis products dramatically change the skin of a client who has suffered for years to clear and repair her skin from acne. Donna, with 30 years’ experience as a Skin Therapist and Educator, discusses the other changes occurring in the skin, including scars beginning to heal, pores appearing smaller, and the tone and texture showing great improvement.

NeoGenesis Skin Care Products for Aging and Acne

Donna Glazer, of Face-It, London, England, shows how NeoGenesis products are helping people with acne. According to Donna, her clients’ skin is showing dramatic improvement using only NeoGenesis products.

Christine Byer Discusses an Instant Eyelift

Christine Byer, of Christine Byer Aesthetics, in Indianapolis, Indiana, talks about how the NeoGenesis Eye Serum, provides what she refers to as an “INSTANT EYE LIFT.”

 Christine Byer, Master Esthetician – Just A Few Products Can Do So Much

Christine Byer, of Christine Byers Esthetics, in Indianapolis, Indiana, is amazed that it just takes a few products from NeoGenesis to take care of a wide range of skin conditions across all age groups.

 Christine Byer – NeoGenesis Eye Serum, My New “Holy Grail Product!”

Christine Byer, of Christine Byers Esthetics, in Indianapolis, Indiana, shares 3 wonderful stories of people using NeoGenesis Eye Serum and how it blows other stem cell lines away.

Microcurrent Challenge – Christine Byer, Master Esthetician

Christine Byer, of Christine Byer Esthetics, in Indianapolis, Indiana, describes improved results using NeoGenesis Glide Gel and Moisturizing Mist in her Microcurrent treatments.

Gaynor Farmer-Katics – Master Aesthetician

Gaynor Farmer-Katics, of Enhanced Touch, in Pleasanton, California, discusses her success using NeoGenesis Recovery Serum on her scalp to heal her psoriasis.

Marina V. – Recording Artist and Mother

Marina V. discusses how her Esthetician, Anna Rushing of Youthful Skin by Anna, introduced her to NeoGenesis Recovery serum. Recovery helped to clear Marina’s skin of pregnancy related acne after all other products failed.

Michelle Ridley – A Consumers Experience

Michelle Ridley shares the excitement and gratitude she has for the NeoGenesis product line. Michelle, a very experienced skin care consumer, has had amazing results using NeoGenesis skin care products.

NeoGenesis Facial with Rezenerate and Dermaplaning

Watch as Sherry Flasch conducts an anti-aging facial incorporating NeoGenesis stem cell skin care products with Rezenerate Nanofacial and dermaplaning exfoliation. Esthetician Connection awarded NeoGenesis Inc with the “Innovative Ingredient Advancement Award.”

NeoGenesis Testimonial – Donna Crawford – Skin Care Enthusiast

Donna talks about how much NeoGenesis products help her skin at age 47.  She speaks about the texture of her skin being much more soft and supple and that her pores are shrinking. “They work like nothing else I have ever tried!”

WEBINAR: Stem Cell Science and Skin Care

This webinar is dedicated to the science behind using Stem Cell technology in topical skin care products, featuring Dr. Greg Maguire. Dr. Maguire gives a brief history of stem cell science and how it progressed to topical skin care. He discusses combining stem cell products with other skin care products as well as using the products with different modalities and improving the results clients receive in the treatment room.

Amy Wall – Mindful Beauty Show

Amy Wall, of Mendocino Beauty in Mendocino, California, explores stem cell research in skincare, with guest Dr. Greg Maguire. They discuss misconceptions, and debunk stem cell myths.