NeoGenesis Recovery for Psoriasis

“Recovery Serum was amazing for my psoriasis! 

Testimonial - NeoGenesis Recovery for Psoriasis

I am very familiar with this distressing skin condition as my mom had suffered very severely with it all of her life, with no real relief from the myriad of creams, ointments and bath soaks her doctor prescribed her. My sister currently takes an oral chemotherapy drug to keep her psoriasis under control. 

I contracted psoriasis on the back of my scalp at the beginning of this year. By March, my scalp had redness and severe flaking. 

I’d heard about NeoGenesis products when attending Oncology Spa Solutions class earlier this year. I applied Recovery twice daily for about 30 days. I am absolutely delighted to share with you that the psoriasis cleared up completely and has not returned. That was 4 months ago.  

I have been in the aesthetics industry over my 30 years and have worked with many lines. I must tell you that your products are quite extraordinary. Let me know how I can get the word out.

Many thanks.”

~ GF

Note: Patient took many photos of her scalp using a device that magnifies 200x.

Condition: Psoriasis
Product: NeoGenesis Recovery