NeoGenesis Recovery for Chemotherapy Rash

Patient: CP

Condition Treated: Sores and rash on her legs (side effect of her chemo for Breast Cancer)

Product Used: Recovery

Patient Feedback:

“I had a severe skin reaction from two powerful chemotherapy drugs, Adriamycin and Cytoxin, that were administered every other day for four weeks. The worst reaction was on my legs which had raised red areas and many of these were blisters. We had tried Calendula Oil by Bodyceuticals. The rash would subside and then come back worse than before.

Tracy introduced me to NeoGenesis Recovery serum. I applied it twice a day to the affected areas. In one week, I had a huge improvement. The redness faded, the raised areas diminished, the blisters went away, and the itching stopped. Recovery serum is a miracle product. I highly recommend it to anyone with skin issues from chemo.”  ~ CP

Condition: Chemotherapy
Product: NeoGenesis Recovery