NeoGenesis Recovery for Diabetic Ulcers

Excerpts of the emails received:

Day 21

Customer Review - NeoGenesis Recovery for Wound Care“I’ve been battling with an open wound on my leg now for approximately 10 years, on and off. It has not been easy, my foot and ankle constantly hurt… My friend raved so much about NeoGenesis, I knew I was going to have to try the product … very pleased that I did. I’ve already seen the progress Recovery has made on my leg in less than a month. It is amazing what Recovery has done for the texture, color and itchiness of the scar area around the wound. I am trying to avoid another skin graft.” 

Day 60

“I feel if it wasn’t for having Recovery on hand to use, the new scratch I got would have turned into a wound. Healing it in 2 days was like a miracle to me. I would highly recommend Recovery to anyone trying to heal a wound. Again, thanks a million for all you’ve done and are continuing to do.”

“I can’t express how grateful I am for the 2nd bottle of Recovery I received. I’m very impressed with the way Recovery is working. It has been years since my scar has been this smooth and the wound is healing much quicker. Prior to using Recovery, with previous wounds, it took them longer to heal and the surrounding scar tissue was dark. Since using this product I’ve noticed major changes in my wound and the surrounding area.”

Day 110

“My appointment was fantastic at the wound care center. The wound measurements were .8 x 1.1 with a bridge closing in the middle. I am so excited. I cannot thank you enough for helping me. This Recovery is absolutely amazing. I rave about it every time I go to the Wound Center, and honestly, I don’t have to go as often now that I’m using this product. If there is anything I can do for y’all to help advertise and get the word out, I certainly will. Thanks for all you do.”

Day 140

“Look at the sides of my sore now touching. Thank you so much. I had to magnify the picture so you can see it better. I just cannot say enough about you gifting so much of this wonderful product to me. You all are a major blessing. How do I tell more people about you?”

~ CW

Skin Condition: Diabetic Ulcers
Product: NeoGenesis Recovery