Recovery Reviews

NeoGenesis Skin Care Products for Laser Treatments

Condition: Radiation Dermatitis

“I’m improving so well due to @neogenesisinc! I’m so thankful to be a part of their case study for oncology patients! I use their Moisturizing Mist Spray, Recovery serum, and Barrier Renewal Cream three times a day. Magic!!” ~ L

Condition: Cancer, Post Surgery
Before + After - Basal Cell Carcinoma“I want to thank NeoGenesis for the creation of your Recovery Serum, as it has helped me with several difficult situations. I have Addison’s Disease which slows down the healing process on everything with my body. I have also had multiple Melanoma and Basil cell removals. After using Recovery on my most recent procedures, I feel it has reduced my healing time. Such a blessing.”  ~ MH



Condition: Shingles

“In Feb, 2016 I found myself in the most intense pain I have ever felt and had no idea what it was.  The pain was such an intense burning and at about an 8 (on a scale of 10). My Doctor told me I had shingles.  A friend of mine suggested I immediately use Recovery from NeoGenesis. Within 24 hours the burning was gone and my pain was down to a 3 and by 48 hours I had no discomfort at all.  On day 4, I lost the bottle, but since the pain was gone, I figured I did not need to order any more that the worst was over.  Oh was I wrong, I woke up on day 5 to that intense burning pain again, this time it was at about a 5.  Upon applying Recovery again, the nerve pain was gone in about 8 hours this time again.  I would recommend Recovery to anyone unfortunate enough to suffer from this miserable condition.  I will never be without a bottle of this fantastic product in my medicine cabinet again.  Thank you NeoGenesis!”  ~ MS

Conditions: Dermatitis, Cystic Acne

“Excellent product! Amazing how quickly this product has helped heal an allergic rash that occurred on my face. It has helped my cystic acne also. Love it!” ~ PW – Art of Skin Care

Conditions: Reaction to Braces, Wound Care

“Over two years ago I had adult braces put on which caused injury to my lips.  I would put lip balm on my lips constantly, which basically caused a “diaper rash” on my lips because they could not breath. I went to multiple doctors and specialists and they tried everything.  They scraped the skin for testing, and tried anti-fungal creams which basically disintegrated the skin even further.  They did acid soaks, steroids and topical antibiotics which either did nothing or inflamed the problem making things even worse.  Over 10 different prescription creams in all plus multiple doctor’s visits…”


Condition: Wound Care
Before + After - Burn“I am a mechanic and I occasionally burn myself while working. Recently I got a severe burn on my thumb while working.  I have had similar burns before and they usually end up with the blisters breaking, sometimes scabbing over, but always painful to any pressure or touch until completely healed.  The skin also usually peels off in strips and pieces and takes with it unaffected skin next to the burn.  The NeoGenesis product Recovery seemed to help the burn from underneath, and after day 10 the skin was still intact with no peeling. The skin of the affected area is also softening daily. I am so grateful that my friend turned me on to these amazing products!”   ~ Mechanic



Condition: Fibroblast Skin Tightening

“Speedy recovery. Used it to help speed recovery from fibroblast plasma treatment. Worked great.” ~ JB – Art of Skin Care

Condition: Wound Care

“My daughter had a bad scar from her swimming nose plugs. It cut her nose so bad and for about 7 months the scar would not fade. “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF USING NEOGENESIS??!?!”…. So I applied it every night for a month or less. 100% GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~ IC

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“Love it. I have just begun using NeoGenesis products and can already see a difference in my skin! Can’t wait to try them all!” ~ JS – Art of Skin Care

Condition: Dermatitis
Before + After - DermatitisI have had this rash for over 5 years.  I have been to multiple doctors and specialists over the years. We tried almost everything, but no improvement.  I started using the NeoGenesis products about six weeks ago, and WOW!  The itching has gone from an 8 to 10 down to a 3 in 30 days, which is such amazing relief. The area was also very tender to the touch. It is much less sensitive today. It has gone from a scaly, thick, rough patch of scabby tissue to actually feeling like “real skin” again.  I can wear shorts for the first time in 5 years, thanks to NeoGenesis!”  ~ MF


Condition: Psoriasis

I have psoriasis and my mom has always been looking for great products to help with it. She found NeoGenesis. I’ve only been using it for four days and I’m already getting great results. I am now bringing into my practice.” ~ JS

Conditions: Eczema, Dermatitis

“I started getting Eczema on my elbows during the winter months a few years ago. I tried a variety of different lotions and prescriptions, most didn’t help, and the outbreaks would last an extended period of time. At the end of the summer this year, I had another outbreak, and all the different lotions I tried didn’t help at all. I received a bottle of Recovery and used it 3-4 times per day, and the Eczema was completely gone in 2 DAYS! Best of all, the Eczema has not returned.

Thank you for this amazing product!” ~ JF

Conditions: Mature/Aging Skin, Hyperpigmentation

“I have always had freckles and I have worked really hard to lighten them. I am an aesthetician so I know how to protect myself from the sun to prevent them from getting darker. When I started using NeoGenesis’ stem cell products I noticed that my freckles were actually getting lighter. I am so impressed with the NeoGenesis product line and I love educating my clients about this line so that they too can get similar results.” ~ JR

Condition: Canker Sores

“My daughter occasionally gets canker sores. They historically took a week or more to heal. We tried a number of remedies. Still one week plus. This time she put Recovery on twice and the next day her canker sore was completely gone!” ~ SM


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