Radiation Videos

Radiation Videos

Our collection of Radiation Dermatitis videos, featuring insightful testimonials, expert endorsements, and educational content.

Radiation therapy, a vital part of cancer treatment, can take a toll on the skin. One common side effect is radiation dermatitis, marked by painful redness and irritation, often evolving into radiation burns. The continuous exposure to radiation doesn’t allow the skin ample time to heal, leading to discomfort, rashes, and, in severe cases, skin breakdown. While these reactions can persist for years post-treatment, the right approach can make a significant difference.

NeoGenesis proudly offers an Oncology-friendly skincare line designed to prepare, strengthen, and support the skin, especially in areas undergoing or recovering from radiation therapy. Our innovative products harness the power of nutrient-rich molecules, delivering them precisely where needed. Featuring our patented S²RM® technology, these formulations are gentle yet effective, even on broken or damaged skin.

Experience the natural relief provided by NeoGenesis products. Our advanced Recovery serum, rich in S²RM® molecules, offers a soothing touch, alleviating the symptoms of radiation dermatitis. Follow this with our Intensive Moisturizer or Barrier Renewal Cream, applying as often as needed to calm and nurture your skin.

The feedback from both patients and professionals has been overwhelmingly positive. NeoGenesis products have made a substantial difference in reducing side effects, creating a positive impact not just on the patient but also on their medical teams and loved ones. Explore our Radiation Dermatitis case studies, conducted by oncology-trained estheticians, to witness firsthand the transformative effects NeoGenesis can have on patients’ skin.

At NeoGenesis, we believe in providing gentle yet effective solutions for those facing the challenges of radiation therapy. Our products are crafted with care, aiming to empower patients on their journey to healthier, happier skin.

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