NeoGenesis Products and Protocols for Skin Protection

Below are the recommended skin care products to use for Skin Protection. Click here or scroll down for protocols.
NeoGenesis Skin Protection Trio


Skin Protection Protocols

COVID-19 Coronavirus has created a necessity to sanitize and wash our hands many times each day.  These frequent washings can leave the hands and forearms feeling quite dry, which may lead to the skin cracking, rashes developing or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis flaring up on the skin.  It can be very uncomfortable and cause more inflammation in the body which weakens our immune system.

To help keep the skin healthy and intact, NeoGenesis has created a Skin Protection Trio with the best skin care products to cleanse, hydrate, and protect the skin. 

The Skin Protection Trio includes:

Cleanser is a naturally formulated cleansing gel that gently removes excess oil, dirt, and daily buildup while maintaining the moisture barrier and natural pH balance of the skin. It works well on sensitive skin by soothing irritation.

Skin Serum contains our patented S²RM® technology including potent antioxidants and peptides to deliver the nutrients your skin needs.

Barrier Renewal Cream is a lightweight, hydrating, reparative cream for all skin types, including acneic and barrier impaired skin, as well as, dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

How to Use:

  • The first step is to cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser formulated with protection in mind. The NeoGenesis Cleanser does not disrupt or harm the skin and may be used many times a day as needed.
  • The second step is to provide a treatment to the skin with a serum that contains the stem cell released molecules that may reduce irritation and help strengthen the skin. NeoGenesis Skin Serum is a powerful tool to keep your skin functioning at its best.
  • The final step is to use a product that protects the barrier of the skin so it doesn’t develop cracks, rashes or extreme dryness. NeoGenesis Barrier Renewal Cream adds the necessary lipids to help keep the skin in a healthy state.  Use it as needed for soothing relief.