Pre + Post Surgery Videos

Pre + Post Surgery Videos

NeoGenesis Pre + Post Surgery videos include video testimonials, what the Professionals have to say about NeoGenesis products, and educational videos. 

NeoGenesis skin care products help to support your skin before and after surgery by providing it with the nutrients needed to nourish the skin.

Prepare your skin for surgery by initiating a pre-surgery skincare regimen at least 4 weeks prior to the procedure. This preparatory phase is vital for infusing your skin with essential nutrients, establishing an optimal foundation for surgery. Ensuring the skin’s protective barrier is intact is paramount.

Our pre-surgery skincare plan focuses on enhancing skin health, minimizing swelling, and reducing bruising post-surgery. Begin with NeoGenesis Cleanser, gently cleansing your skin. Follow with NeoGenesis Recovery serum and Barrier Renewal Cream or Intensive Moisturizer, applied twice daily after cleansing. These products harness the power of our patented S²RM® molecules, infusing your skin with nutrients and promoting optimal health. For an extra boost of hydration, incorporate NeoGenesis Skin Serum after Recovery serum and before Barrier Renewal Cream or Intensive Moisturizer. Your skin is now nourished, resilient, and primed for surgery.

After surgery, the focus shifts to soothing and healing the skin, often marred by pain, redness, swelling, and inflammation. Inadequate post-care can lead to scarring and infections, underscoring the importance of meticulous attention.

NeoGenesis’ most advanced product, Recovery serum, is the perfect choice post-surgery to calm the skin. Recovery is abundant in our patented S²RM® molecules that are naturally packaged in exosomes to be delivered into the skin. The traumatized skin is soothed, and downtime is minimized.

Hydration remains a cornerstone in post-surgery skincare. NeoGenesis Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer, or Barrier Renewal Cream, applied post-Recovery serum, ensure your skin remains optimally hydrated, averting post-surgery dryness and fostering an environment conducive to healing.

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