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At NeoGenesis, we are always looking for ways to better support our professional clinics.  We are fully dedicated to your success through education, co-branding, event support, business building strategies and now, our new Partner Clinic program.  This program is designed to help you grow your business and boost sales by making access to home protocol products a simple process for your clients.

Partner Clinic Program Tutorial

How to Post to and Schedule Social Media

How to Customize Links (URLs)

The Partner Clinic program is our latest initiative to further support your professional practice. Once you register for the program, you will be given a unique URL that links to your personalized landing page on our website.  This way, your clients know, for sure, that they are supporting you directly.  You will receive a 20% commission by the 10th of the following month, for all purchases that are made using your link. Your customers will be linked to your account for all future orders, unless they use another clinician’s Partner Clinic URL to visit the site.

In this program, we provide you with marketing materials you can use on your website, social media, or email campaigns to drive traffic to your landing page on our website.  You will also have the ability to create trackable custom URL’s for any page on  This gives you the control to decide where your customer lands, as well as the ability to track how these links are performing. 

NeoGenesis’s Partner Clinic program is a simple and effective way of creating business growth and increasing your revenue. It is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your reach, build a loyal customer base, and make a substantial impact in your profession.

We hope you will take full advantage of this new program and look forward to helping you succeed.  If you have any questions about the program, or just need some help getting started, please feel free to reach out to your Account Support Representative or Kelsey O’Connor at

To download ALL Partner Clinic support instructions, CLICK HERE, or select the individual files below.

Training Videos

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