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Before + After - AcneNeoGenesis Skin Care for Wound Care“My client has had consistent hormonal acne since college. She is 27 years old. Her skin looks so much better now. The Salicylic Acid Gel has made all the difference. Her cysts diminished immediately after she started using it and the redness is clearing. She has no irritation or itchness. We see an improvement in texture and pigmentation. Since using NeoGenesis products, the results have been really good for my client.” ~ Tara Linville – Doll Face Aesthetics OKC

Products: Cleanser, NeoGenesis Recovery, Salicylic Acid Gel, Barrier Renewal Cream, Moisturizing Mist


Before + After - Acne“Since using NeoGenesis products, this clients breakouts have completely calmed down and she has zero breakouts right now. She is only using NeoGenesis products. Her skin is steadily improving. Redness has reduced and the skin is tighter then it was before. She also had a deep line in her forehead which is slowly going down. She generally feels her skin is looking a lot better and a lot calmer. She loves how gentle and smooth the products feel. Her skin wouldn’t be able to take other products.” ~ Mariam Abbas

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Barrier Renewal Cream, Moisturizing Mist, Booster, Enzyme Creme Mask


“Be gone, acne scars. I ordered this serum after the unfortunate appearance of a cystic pimple. My scar seems to be healing much more quickly than it would without the serum. The area is not as depressed as it was immediately after the pimple disappeared and my skin overall looks more even. It’s not cheap, but for those of us who struggle with acne and scar easily, it’s a worthwhile investment.” ~ MD – Art of Skin Care

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“Our client struggled with acne as a teenager. It slowed down in his 20’s and now he is in his 30’s. He expressed that he has always been insecure about acne and his skin, and had been using ProActive. To begin his treatment, I started him off with a facial and he started using Recovery serum. Within a week, he already noticed a difference in his skin. It was not as red and his wrinkles have gone down (for the past few years he started to notice wrinkles and bags under eyes). Two months later, we began microneedling treatments, using NeoGenesis products to quicken the healing process. He likes the progress a lot. One thing he loves the most about the NeoGenesis products is that he has less wrinkles now, he breaks out less, his pore size is improving and the texture of his skin feels soft. He is excited to see how the next few treatments go.” ~ Vanexa Yang, V Beauty House

Products: Cleanser, NeoGenesis Recovery, Light Moisturizer, Barrier Renewal Cream, Moisturizing Mist

“This is an amazing product. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and have received compliments on my skin. Last night I put a drop on some hormonal pimples, one that I regretfully picked at, and they were smaller and healing by morning. It’s expensive, but worth the splurge.” ~ JM – Art of Skin Care

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Before + After - Acne + Rosacea“This client has had issues with cystic acne for quite some time. He also works at a wood pulp mill and is often around the chemicals in the air. Once he started on a regular skin care regimen using NeoGenesis products, his skin started to improve almost immediately. The redness started to subside, the flaky skin started to heal and the itchiness is now gone.” ~ Becky Stratton, The Skin Studio

Products: Cleanser, NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin Serum, Barrier Renewal Cream, Enzyme Creme Mask, Mandelic Acid 8%



Before + After - Acne

“KM has had cystic acne for years and when the pandemic started, her skin took a turn for the worst. Her skinis super sensitive and wearing a mask has not helped. Being stressed and environmental issues have contributed to her skin breaking out. The texture of her skin was really rough and bumpy and her cheeks were inflamed and red.

After consistent usage of NeoGenesis products, KM’s skin has improved tremendously. Her skin is now soft and smooth, the redness gone and the outbreaks have diminished. The Mandelic Acid 8% has really cleared her skin. The Booster serum has helped significantly with the dryness of her skin, tone and texture.

We are thrilled! This is truly a great example of what stem cell molecules can do for the skin.” ~ Christine Preston, Skin Discovery

Products: Cleanser, Mandelic Acid 8%, Booster, Barrier Renewal Cream

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