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“I want to tell you about a female client in her mid 20’s who suffers from cystic acne since her teens. She has an oily T zone with large pores. She also has overgrown / thick facial hair, and suffers from ingrown hair which probably contributes to some of the breakouts. I had done a few facial treatments with some progress on her. I was then able to include RECOVERY and SKIN SERUM in the last 2 treatments. Her skin isn’t as oily and I see there are fewer cystic pustules. Very exciting! I sent her home with RECOVERY! I will keep you posted with her progress.”  ~ MV

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin Serum

“Client started using NeoGenesis in January after she had done research into the benefits of adult stem cell skincare. She came across NeoGenesis and got in touch with us, her main concern being ageing. She was, at this stage, unaware of the benefits this may have on her acne. Being only 30 and looking at ageing concerns, she started on Skin Serum and Eye Serum. Then after seeing an anti-inflammatory benefit from just this product, and an improvement in her overall health of skin, as well as improvement in her acne amped things up to Recovery serum. The client had been struggling with her acne for over a decade and she herself said that NeoGenesis has been nothing short of a miracle. The picture before is her acne at her worst and the after is her skin today after her 6 month journey with NeoGenesis. The client is amazed and after suffering with acne for so long, will now be a NeoGenesis client for life.” ~ Lucy Hall, Medifine Skin Clinic Skin Therapist

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Skin Serum, Booster, Eye Serum

“I can’t believe the difference when looking at the before and after photos. My skin feels great. My skin is smooth too. I am really happy with the results.” ~ JW

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Barrier Renewal Cream, Moisturizing Mist



“The NeoGenesis Recovery serum is the most amazing product I have ever used. I am on day 4 and every morning I wake to noticeably diminished acne scars. I have 20 + year old ice pick acne scars practically recovering before my eyes. It is incredible, exciting and just shy of miraculous. This is more like a medicine than a skincare product … but I’m oh so happy I can get it without a prescription. Thank you NeoGenesis, Inc.”  ~ ALA

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I have really enjoyed using the NeoGenesis product line. I have used a number of the products and have good results even though I have ultra-sensitive skin, some dry areas as well as an oily T zone. The sensitivity of my skin trumps all the other issues. I struggle finding products that I can use with my skin, but I have had not issues with any of the NeoGenesis products. People have been commenting on how good my skin looks so the results are noticeable.   In the past when I have attended make-up or beauty days at a department store searching for a foundation, I always have to get samples because I always have a reaction to something they use on my face. Then the process I went through took several days to get my face calmed down using my regular products. The NeoGenesis products are the first products that have kept my skin calm when testing makeup. I am not sure why, but what a pleasant surprise.”  ~ PC

Products: NeoGenesis RecoveryIntensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

Before + After -Acne“I don’t have as many black heads and my pore size is definitely smaller. I went from breaking out a lot when I got my period. Now I am not as prone to breakouts and now when I get my period the break out is small or barely anything. Quicker, clearer lasting results. I have never experienced this kind of improvement with other products. I am feeling like a 9 with my skin right now, if 10 was the best. I think the MB-1 changed the game.” ~ JS – Courtesy of Professional Partner, Heather Funk, The Vibrant Life

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, MB-1, Moisturizing Mist


“NeoGenesis is so miraculous it makes my skin glow. The Recovery keeps my skin clear from acne and the Skin Serum plumps my skin! Amazing!” ~ CDP

Products: NeoGenesis RecoverySkin Serum

“I struggle with hormonal acne and have tried every acne product under the sun and got little relief. I started using Recovery and discontinued my use of all other products to really see if it was going to work. Within one week I noticed a reduction of my acne scars, smaller pores, all around better skin texture. I have also integrated the Skin Serum into my daily routine and my results seem to be getting better and better. I love any skin care product that is not only results-driven but good for my skin, these products are now “must-have’s” in my beauty routine.”   ~ CG

Products: NeoGenesis RecoverySkin Serum

Before + After - Acne“This is a big improvement for me. I am very, very happy. My skin feels soft and hydrated. I really enjoy the products! Easy to use. I feel they are very effective for me.” ~ A – Courtesy of Professional Partner, Tracy Lacina – Skin Deep Salon & Spa

Products: Cleanser, NeoGenesis Recovery, Light Moisturizer, MB-1



“My son is 14 and his acne was getting out of control. We did 3 laser treatments and started the Cleanser and the MB1. WOW what a difference. His face is getting smoother and clearing up. At 54 I still break out and am now using the Cleanser, Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer and MB-1. Loving it!”~ NM

Products: Cleanser, MB-1, Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer

Before + After - Acne“As a hospice nurse, the stress of work can trigger outbreaks of acne for this client. She has combination skin, and was trying both the Light Moisturizer and Intensive Moisturizer for the dry patches. She ran out of Recovery serum and noticed the texture of her skin was dramatically different after being off the product for 3 days. She started using Recovery again and her age spot is now looking better, and her skin is looking glowier. She was not using any moisturizer in the mornings, so she has been adding the Barrier Renewal Cream every day before work to help prevent maskne. It felt really good under her eyes and she lathers it everywhere. Her lips and eyes feel really good and she likes it as a makeup base. JA was surprised she is having less acne breakouts since she is wearing the masks a lot more now, almost all day, when she was not in the past.” ~ JA

Products: Cleanser, Recovery, Eye Serum, Light Moisturizer, Intensive Moisturizer, Barrier Renewal Cream

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