The products you love at NeoGenesis just got even better with the addition of some key products to take your skin, lashes and brows to the next level.

Let’s take a look at what’s new at NeoGenesis and how our line of skin care, lash and brow products can benefit your current regimen.


Everybody needs a great, gentle cleanser that is free of harmful ingredients and leaves the skin feeling soft and ready for the next step.  NeoGenesis Cleanser fills that need!  It is specially formulated to gently cleanse and refresh the skin morning and night.  It cleanses without drying the skin and effectively removes makeup, dirt, and excess oil.  The skin feels smooth and looks radiant.  Don’t forget your body!  This cleanser is great for all of your skin. 

Moisturizing Mist 

The new Moisturizing Mist by NeoGenesis is that “pick me up”, refreshing mist for anytime of the day.  It lightly hydrates the skin with our S²RM® technology and is wonderful for the face and body. It is a perfect product to set makeup or use as a toner after cleansing.  Moisturizing Mist is a great multi-tasker for your skin care needs.

Light Moisturizer 

For those who need hydration on a lighter level, our new Light Moisturizer is the one for you.  This light cream has a silky feel and absorbs completely while nourishing the skin.  If your skin is normal to oily or if you live in a humid climate, this Light Moisturizer is formulated with you in mind.

Body Cream 

Summer is here in full swing and skin is showing!  What a perfect time to use our new Body Cream.  This luxurious formula is hydrating and age-defying.  Our S²RM® technology in the Body Cream helps to improve the appearance and texture of aging skin.  NeoGenesis Body Cream is not only for the body, this skincare formula may also be used on the face and neck.

Enzyme Crème Mask 

The NeoGenesis Enzyme Crème Mask is a super gentle, creamy, fruit enzyme mask that refines, brightens, and clarifies the skin.  Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, the Enzyme Crème Mask may be used as often as needed.  It can help skin irritation which can happen in the summer with too much sun, bug bites, and long summer days.  NeoGenesis Enzyme Crème Mask uses natural fruit enzymes paired with Niacinamide for improved skin barrier function.  Apply it at the end of a long day for immediate skin rejuvenation.

Eye Serum 

The old saying that the “eyes are the windows of the soul” shows just how important the appearance of our eyes are.  Long days and lots of sunshine can leave the eyes looking tired and in need of some TLC.  NeoGenesis Eye Serum is designed for the delicate eye area. NeoGenesis Eye Serum addresses aging skin, puffiness, and dark circles by combining S²RM® technology with peptides and hydration to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crepey skin around the eyes.  A definite customer favorite!

NeoLash and NeoBrow 

Are your lashes and brows not quite up to par?  Condition eyelashes by delivering S²RM® technology directly to the eyelash line and hair follicles, for the appearance of healthier, fuller lashes and brows. NeoLash is safe to use on both upper and lower lashes and will not darken the eyelids or change iris pigmentation. NeoBrow is formulated to restore the healthy condition of eyebrows and is safe for everyday use.

Our new lineup gives you everything you need to look your best this summer.  Please visit our NeoGenesis Professionals website at or call us at 858-751-4714 to learn more.

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