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Condition: Hair Loss

Hair Loss + MicroneedlingTreatment + Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Dr. Michael Ryan, Dubai Hair Doctor

Protocol: Hair Thickening Serum 2x Daily

Professional Treatment: Microneedling treatment with Hair Thickening Serum bi-weekly

Product: Hair Thickening Serum

Condition: Wound Care, Mature/Aging Skin

“This is such a wonderful serum!! I love it on my face for glowing, vibrant skin, but I originally bought it for some wounds and scarring on my legs from 2nd and 3rd degree burns over a large portion of my lower legs. I will continue to purchase even once my legs heal.” ~ MD – Art of Skin Care

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Condition: Wound Care

“I was dermaplaning a client, and as we were talking, I nicked her face and she started to bleed.  I was a little worried at first, but then I remembered that I had NeoGenesis Recovery.  I immediately applied the Recovery and the bleeding stopped.   The little cut was barely visible by the time she left.”  ~ G.E., LE

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“I love this product, really improves the texture of the skin around my eyes. Wears well under makeup too, and a little goes a long way.” ~ CP – Art of Skin Care

Product: Eye Serum

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“I am 47 years old and I have been using NeoGenesis skincare products now for about five months.  I drink a lot of caffeine which in turn makes my skin red and blotchy.  When I use Recovery before bed I wake up and my skin looks healthy and radiant again!  I love the way the Skin Serum just melts into my skin, and the Intensive Moisturizer is so awesome.  These products are AMAZING!”  ~ DC

Products: NeoGenesis Intensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

Conditions: Mature/Aging Skin, Sensitive Skin

““Thank you again Leah for helping me find another great product. I have sensitive, “mature” skin and have been enjoying this new growth factor serum! I use it twice a day and my skin is happy! If you are 30+, I think adding a growth factor to your regimen is very important!” ~ NB – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: Skin Serum

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“I love the Light Moisturizer!  My husband tried it and loves it too. He tried to take mine and I told him he had to get his own!” ~ YB

Product: Light Moisturizer

Conditions: Sensitive Skin, Mature/Aging Skin

“So far so good… I have sensitive skin and it works great. I haven’t had it long enough to see results just yet.” ~ MB – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“This is new to me but so far I am loving it! Very soothing as well as hydrating. Too soon to see anti-aging benefits but I do like it so much, I want to try more from this company.” ~ CR – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“Nice eye serum. Goes on smooth, has no fragrance or off putting odor. Have only used it for two weeks but seems to be working. Would need to use the product longer to see the full results.” ~ JR – Art of Skin Care

Product: Eye Serum

Condition: Psoriasis

Professional Feedback:

Day 1“Patient has Psoriasis for approximately a year now. It started on a very small surface and spread out on her elbows, knees, ankles, scalp, and also random patches on her legs. It is constant, never goes away, and in the past year it has gotten worse. The lesions itch and hurt significantly and continuously. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the worst, a solid 7 at the time of the pictures.

Patient previously used Aveeno Psoriasis Cream, and other steroid-based creams, Psoriasis Control Cream (Salicylic Acid based), and a Medicated Conditioning Coal Tar Formula Shampoo (MG217).”

Day 42“As you can tell in the pictures there is significant improvement in the aspect of the lesions after the patient started using Recovery serum. She has no pain, some itchiness but subsides quickly. The scaling is significantly less and the size of the affected area decreased considerably.” ~ VI – MD


Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Conditions: Eczema, Dermatitis

“I use the Body Cream after Recovery when I have Eczema flare-ups and the results are unbelievable. Not only does it clear up within 2 days, but my Eczema rarely comes back now.  So not only does it help with the immediate flare-up, but my skin is now healthier. Thanks so much. So grateful to have found these products.” ~ JF

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Body Cream

Condition: Herpes and Cold Sores

“I’m a 55 year old man who loves the outdoors and plays a lot of golf and goes fishing in Arizona.  Due to the extreme heat and not protecting my lips, I had a large cold sore the developed on my lower lip.  It blistered quickly and was very painful.  The next morning I tried some Recovery on the blistered area, which was oozing and very swollen.  I applied Recovery 4 times that day to the affected area and by the next morning, the swelling was down and the blister had crusted over.  The pain was gone as well.  I applied Recovery again, this time in the morning and evening and by day 3, the scabbing was gone and the area was barely pink. I continued to use Recovery twice daily for a full 7 days to be sure to continue healing in that area.  A cold sore that large would have left a scar in the past and been painful and an eyesore for at least two weeks.  In a week only very careful inspection could show that it was ever there.  Next time, I’ll use the Recovery at the first sign of a tingle.”  ~ DJ

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Conditions: Sensitive Skin, Mature/Aging Skin

“I am loving the NeoGenesis Skin Serum! I have extremely sensitive, reactive skin and my skin is happy with this serum. When I apply, it sinks right into my skin leaving no tacky feeling behind which I appreciate. It leaves my skin luminous and bright. I can feel the serum working. I will continue to use this wonderful product!” ~ GT – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: Skin Serum

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