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“This product is amazing. I used 2 drops on an area of my neck that became red & irritated after accidentally touching an acidic product to it. The redness & discomfort were immediately relieved & didn’t come back. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works in adjunct to my daily skin care.” ~ EM – Art of Skin Care

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“NeoGenesis is so miraculous it makes my skin glow. The Recovery keeps my skin clear from acne and the Skin Serum plumps my skin! Amazing!” ~ CDP

Products: NeoGenesis RecoverySkin Serum

“Love this product. I have super sensitive eyes and this doesn’t bother me at all, plus I have only been using it for a short time and can already see changes.  ~ SM – Art of Skin Care

Product: Eye Serum

“My daughter introduced me to NeoGenesis approximately 8 months ago.  I noticed a difference in the tone and texture of my skin almost immediately and continue to notice a reduction in my lines and wrinkles.  One of my favorite things about the line is its simplicity.  I am used to using product lines with 6-8 different steps to achieve the desired results.  With NeoGenesis, I finish my daily routine in half the time.  The products work very well together absorbing in rapidly.  My skin just loves them!  I am looking forward to trying all the products NeoGenesis comes out with, so keep them coming guys and gals!”  ~ BR

“I have been using the NeoGenesis skin care products for over two years now.  The difference in my skin’s tone and texture in the first six months was nothing short of a miracle, but what amazes me the most is that I continue to see improvements in my fine lines and wrinkles and my skin has taken on a beautiful youthful glow.  These products are wonderful!  I am so happy that I found NeoGenesis, I will never use anything else.” ~ BZ

Products: Intensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

“I have used a number of the products and have good results even though I have ultra sensitive skin, some dry areas as well as an oily T zone. The sensitivity of my skin trumps all the other issues. I struggle finding products that I can use with my skin, but I have had not issues with any of the NeoGenesis products. People have been commenting on how good my skin looks so the results are noticeable.” ~ PC

Products: NeoGenesis RecoveryIntensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

“I’ve only used this a short while, but love the hydration & it adsorbs nicely. A little goes a long way.” ~ VH – Art of Skin Care

Product: Intensive Moisturizer

“The Booster is supposed to “boost” the effect of the Skin Serum, and it really does. But, it also boosts the hydration of your face. So the name is truthful in its own way.” ~ SI – Art of Skin Care

Product: Booster

“Gentle yet so effective; a little goes a long way – a stellar product! thank you!” ~ ZA – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: Intensive Moisturizer

“I used this Recovery serum after a nitrogen plasma treatment. I healed quickly and any treatment markings cleared rapidly. Although it is pricey, I highly recommend for all post-recovery from lasers, plasma pen or micro-needling.” ~ CR – Art of Skin Care

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“Fantastic and nourishing to my skin!” ~ N – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: Booster

“I LOVE this paired with the NeoGenesis Skin Serum! Makes my mature skin even more hydrated and smooth. I rate it 5 stars for the serum, but I only gave it 4 stars because of the dropper application. Wish it came in the same kind of airless pump package as the Skin Serum.” ~ L – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I have never been one to spend too much time worrying about wrinkles or the amount of time I spent out in the sun.  When I hit 40, I figured I should start to at least do a few things to clean and moisturize my skin, but every thing I looked at had so many steps that I never followed through with them, so it was a complete waste of money.  I started the NeoGenesis protocol approximately 2 years ago and I love it!  I am finished in 5 min morning and evening, and my skin looks and feels fantastic.  I am turning 48 this year, and have spent my life out in the sun, so to be told that people think I am in my late 30’s is a testament to how wonderful these products truly are.  Thank you NeoGenesis for making a simple and easy to use, effective product!” ~ KB

Products: Intensive MoisturizerSkin Serum

Before + After - Aging Skin - Crows Feet“This client had the amazing result from Eye Serum just in 10 min from the time applied. She is 74 years old; I couldn’t believe how quickly her skin changed before my eyes. Her skin plumped up which helped the crow’s feet, but her eye lid looked firmer.” ~ YA – Nativis Skin Care

Product: Eye Serum



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