Mature/Aging Skin Reviews

“I am loving the NeoGenesis line. I haven’t been using it to long but I am impressed so far. It is hydrating and the texture of my skin has improved. Looking forward to improved results with continued use.” ~ DL – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: Skin Serum

“Holy grail serum. After Leah introduced me to this serum, I am hooked. I am now on the second bottle, and I don’t plan to stop using it any time soon. This serum has helped me to achieve healthy skin overall, but what I noticed the most would be my stubborn acne scars. They have been improved tremendously. I honestly could not be happier.” ~ P – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“This product is awesome – any type of skin irritations or skin issues including acne it clears it up very quickly. I highly recommend this product to anyone.” ~ M – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“Legit! Instant & long lasting results, only a very small amount is needed. So gentle on the skin around my eyes with the benefit of smooth, lifted & youthful looking eyes. Product details are quite helpful from Art of Skin & NeoGenesis. Great product for the price!” ~ EM – Art of Skin Care

Product: Eye Serum

“Repairs your barrier like a dream. I love this stuff. My skin is prone to combination and prone to dehydrating if I’m not careful with chemical exfoliants, and this instantly fixes any dryness on my face. It’s not heavy, but definitely still packs a punch. It spreads very nicely, so it lasts a long time too. My skin is sensitive to any fragrance/plant extracts/essential oils, and this has never upset my skin. Definitely always need this in my skincare arsenal!” ~ S – Art of Skin Care

Product: Barrier Renewal Cream




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