Light Moisturizer Reviews

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“Great moisturizer! My colder/cooler weather skincare routine was not working during the heat. Somehow I wound up with strange adult acne. I had to make a switch quickly and looked into this. I love NeoGenesis products and this is no exception. The moisturizer is perfect for the summer months. It’s light but moisturizes perfectly. It has become one of my favorites. The scent is neutral and my face gets exactly the amount of moisture it needs. Would very much recommend.” ~ VP – Art of Skin Care

“I love this moisturizer for daytime! I like the texture of the lotion and how quickly it absorbs into my skin. It mixes very well with my daytime products! ~ R – Skin Beautiful RX 

“This moisturizer is just right for me for day time and under makeup. My combo-oily skin can’t handle heavy moisturizers during the day. This product has a pleasant light scent and absorbs quickly…which is rare for me. I have now ordered several other NeoGenesis products because I liked this one so much. ~ T – Skin Beautiful RX 

“This is a beautiful moisturizer, especially in the warmer months when you want something lighter. Very hydrating, despite its lighter weight.” ~ D – Skin Beautiful RX 

“This is a great day time moisturizer. I use NeoGenesis’s Barrier Renewal Cream at night and this one during the day. The texture of this one is actually very similar to the SkinBetter Trio Moisturizer! ” ~ C – Skin Beautiful RX 

“I really like this moisturizer. I reach for it especially after using Retin A products or peels. It’s so soothing and healing.” ~ D – Skin Beautiful RX 

“I usually have dry skin but loved this moisturizer in the summer. It feels luxurious yet light. Another superb NeoGenesis product.” ~ S – Skin Beautiful RX 

“I use a few NeoGenesis products and have to say it is one of my very fav lines…no exception with the Light Moisturizer. ~ N – Skin Beautiful RX 

“Nice everyday light moisturizer. Using it over the Booster with vitamin C.” ~ L – Skin Beautiful RX 

“It is amazing! My skin look great and makeup lays beautifully without a primer.” ~ A – Skin Beautiful RX

“The Light Moisturizer is light weight but very moisturizing. I have dry skin, but live in a humid climate. The Barrier renewal cream was too much for a daily for me, but this is the perfect texture. It also has the S2RM technology and hyaluronic acid, which is a win win.” ~ RD – Art of Skin Care

“I was using the NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer in the winter, but as the weather has warmed up, it was too rich for my skin, so I purchased the Light Moisturizer and it is perfect this time of year. It’s great that there are two to choose from.” ~ A – Skin Beautiful RX

“Great product!! NeoGenesis is a fabulous brand. This moisturizes my normal skin well and I love the added bonus of growth factors!” ~ L – Skin Beautiful RX

“Love this whole line! This Light version is excellent for daytime, and wears beautifully under makeup. I think it would be enough for me for PM use in the summer as well.” ~ C – Skin Beautiful RX

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