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Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“Intensive but very light wearing. This moisturizer is so light and cooling, but I can feel it sink in. Dries to a light moist finish. I love how it makes my face feel soft! I would recommend this if you need a little more moisture.” ~ CV – Christine Byer Esthetics

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“I love this brand. It is new for me and I am so glad I decided to give it a try. This moisturizer is great. I use it every morning under my makeup and it does not pill which is a huge plus! The best thing is it is affordable! A+” ~ V – Skin Beautiful RX

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin, Hyperpigmentation

“I have always had freckles and I have worked really hard to lighten them. I am an aesthetician so I know how to protect myself from the sun to prevent them from getting darker. When I started using NeoGenesis’ stem cell products I noticed that my freckles were actually getting lighter. I am so impressed with the NeoGenesis product line and I love educating my clients about this line so that they too can get similar results.” ~ JR

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“Hi. I just wanted to give you an update on some comments I got at the spa today. I was getting a facial and the woman was asking me what products do I use? She told me that she had been doing this job for a long time and I had some of the best skin she had ever seen. I told her about my history with NeoGenesis products. She wants to talk to you right away for her other clients. I love your products and so do the people who work on my skin!” ~ MH

Condition:Mature/Aging Skin

““NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer seems to be a really nice product. I have only been using it for a short time but can already see a change in my skin. At age 66 moisturizer is a must, and this appears to fit the bill for me. Will definitely be reordering.” ~ L – Skin Beautiful RX

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“It is very moisturizing and nourishing. I really like the product.” ~ S – Skin Beautiful RX

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

I really like the Intensive Moisturizer. The scent is lovely, and the thickness of the moisturizer allows for a lot of coverage using just a small amount. Since using NeoGenesis products daily, I have noticed the aging process of my skin has slowed down remarkably. I wish I had started using them in my 30’s and 40’s!  Thanks NeoGenesis for the wonderful products.” ~ JF

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin, Microneedling

“Restorative for my aging skin. I started NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer in January 2020 and LOVE it. It is hydrating, absorbs into my dry skin instead of just sitting on top. I like adding their Skin Serum first. I also use the Recovery after micro-needling. Best skin care line of my lifetime.” ~ DP – Art of Skin Care

Conditions: Cancer, Radiation Dermatitis

“Externally I suffer from severely burned facial and neck skin (I call it “mother of all laser peels”).  About a year ago, I have had the brief opportunity to use some of the NeoGenesis skin serum and facial moisturizer, both of which really seemed to help with the residual redness of the skin on my face and neck. Both areas were still extremely sensitive and red after almost 7 years.  Not anymore.”   ~ RS

Condition: Oily/Problem Skin

“I have really enjoyed using the NeoGenesis product line. I have used a number of the products and have good results even though I have ultra-sensitive skin, some dry areas as well as an oily T zone. The sensitivity of my skin trumps all the other issues. I struggle finding products that I can use with my skin, but I have had not issues with any of the NeoGenesis products. People have been commenting on how good my skin looks so the results are noticeable.  In the past when I have attended make-up or beauty days at a department store searching for a foundation, I always have to get samples because I always have a reaction to something they use on my face. Then the process I went through took several days to get my face calmed down using my regular products. The NeoGenesis products are the first products that have kept my skin calm when testing makeup. I am not sure why, but what a pleasant surprise.”  ~ PC


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