Glide Gel Reviews

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“Best Gel Ever. This gel last longer than any of the others does not dry up as fast. Love it.” ~ SK – Art of Skin Care

Condition: Sensitive Skin

“This is a wonderful gel for anyone that has sensitive skin. I use it with my MBK Curve and my Clareblend Mini and I love it. Will be buying again.” ~ V – Skin Beautiful RX 

“I like this glide gel because of the ingredient deck. When I’m using my skincare devices, I want to make sure I’m pushing great ingredients deeper into my skin. ~ L – Skin Beautiful RX 

Condition: Microcurrent

“This is a nice gel to use with microcurrent devices – stays moist and doesn’t dry out quickly – love it” ~ L – Skin Beautiful RX

“I use this gel with my Nuface device. The Nuface gel stung my skin and caused me to break out, so I was on the hunt for a different conductive gel. I found this one and absolutely love it!” ~ S – Skin Beautiful RX

“One of my favorites! Fabulous conducting gel, seems to last longer than others. Love it!” ~ KK – Art of Skincare

“Lovely gel, definitely glides well. The is amazing conductive gel. My skin feels amazing and not sticky after using it, love it! I was surprised at how much more glide and life it has compared to other conducting gels. It stays wet far longer and needs fewer spritzes of water/ISO Recovery while I’m using the Mini or my new Timemaster Pro. It seems to be more moisturizing, which I really need. The price is reasonable too. Thumbs up all around for this purchase.” ~ TR – Art of Skincare

“I love this brand so I figured this conductor would be great as well and I wasn’t wrong. After I apply once, I use water to continue a slip.” ~ KP – Art of Skincare

“Lovely slip and texture.” ~ C – Skin Beautiful RX


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