Cleanser Reviews

NeoGenesis Skin Care for Wound Care

Condition: Oily/Problem Skin, Acne

“Delicate and efficient cleanser. I’ve been using this cleanser for a few weeks and I love it. I have oily acne-prone skin, so I am reluctant to trying new products because I am afraid they will not be suitable for my sensitive skin. However, this cleanser cleans very well and also leaves my skin smooth – it hasn’t caused any breakouts. I like to use it in the morning.” ~ A – Christine Byer Esthetics

“Love this cleanser! I use this for my 2nd cleanse after my makeup remover balm at night and it feels luxurious. It’s non-irritating, non-drying and effective. Leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. Also love that it’s PH balanced. Definitely purchasing again!” ~ K – Christine Byer Esthetics

“This cleanser is great. It is hydrating and exfoliating at the same time. I use to think it didn’t matter what type of cleanser I used but now when I spend 3 minutes massaging it into my face – I see a huge difference. A good product with a little bit of patience gives great results.” ~ W – Skin Beautiful RX

Conditions: Acne-Prone, Mature/Aging Skin

“Great cleanser! I am prone to breakouts even at 64 years old, NeoGenesis Cleanser is gentle on my skin and does an outstanding job. My complexion shows the results.” ~ SI – Art of Skin Care

Condition: Sensitive Skin, Dry, Acne

“I have extremely sensitive, dry, yet acne prone skin and absolutely love this cleanser! I’m super sensitive to most fragrances, so the orange creamsicle scent made me a little nervous at first…to my surprise and relief, I’ve had no reaction on my face or neck whatsoever. I do double cleanse at night with this as both my first and second OR sometimes as my first and Dr Esther enzyme powder as my second. A little goes a long way! Will continue to purchase.” ~ AD – Art of Skin Care

“My new favorite face wash. It leaves my skin like no other, not stripped but clean and pleasant. The smell is great.” ~ EP – Art of Skin Care

“I have to say, for a gel it’s really gentle. Usually I have to use cream cleansers, but this one doesn’t dry my skin at all while removing all the dirt and make up.” ~ E – Skin Beautiful RX

“This cleanser is amazing. It has a lovely texture, very gentle, yet cleanses well. It has a really nice almost elastin feel to it. I really am loving this one.” ~ JC – Christine Byer Esthetics

Condition: Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin

“Great cleanser for dry sensitive skin. I am very picky about my cleansers. I have been using the same cleanser for about 8 years because I never could find anything better. I usually prefer cream cleansers however I am loving this cleanser even though it is a gel. I am definitely switching to this NeoGenesis cleanser.” ~ TH – Skin Beautiful RX

“Amazing cleanser for literally every skin type. It has never left me feeling dry! Can’t go wrong with this!” ~ M – Skin Beautiful RX

“I absolutely love this cleanser. It gently removes makeup. You use it dry and then add water to your face. I absolutely love this face wash.” ~ S – Art of Skin Care

“This cleanser feels soft and delivers a thorough creamy cleanse to get my skin ready for my morning routine. It leaves the skin soft but clean without leaving a residue behind. I like using NeoGenesis Cleanser in the morning and using CBE Scrub Away the Day at night. ~ CA – Christine Byer Esthetics

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