Chemotherapy and radiation can cause a common side effect called Xerosis, a form of chronic dry skin caused by a decrease in the skin’s ability to produce moisture, impairing its barrier function. 

NeoGenesis offers oncology friendly products that provide essential hydration, strengthen skin, and help to improve the skin’s barrier function. Our specialized formulas help to nourish and protect your delicate skin while you’re undergoing cancer treatment.


  • Restores the skin’s moisture levels
  • Calms + soothes skin irritation
  • Assists in restoring homeostasis in the skin
  • Supports + strengthens the skin barrier
  • Oncology friendly


Home Protocol; Twice Daily

  1. Apply Recovery serum to the dry area
  2. For more extreme dryness, apply Skin Serum over the Recovery
  3. Finish with Intensive MoisturizerBarrier Renewal Cream, or Body Cream

Use Moisturizing Mist paired with a moisturizer throughout the day, as needed, for soothing relief.


“My client was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2020 and had 2 major surgeries, as well as chemo. The cancer came back in 2022 and she began chemo again, and will be receiving 129 doses. One of the side effects of the chemo treatments was extreme dryness. She felt like her skin was aging quickly. I started her on the NeoGenesis products and within 2 months her skin was feeling better and the dry skin concerns were not an issue anymore. Her face is feeling good! She loves how the products absorb in the skin and are not greasy.” – Rachael Dessert-Cone, Vista Massage & Wellness

“Love it. I’m going through Chemotherapy and my skin is very dry, or I should say WAS drying out. This moisturizer has my skin soft and supple again.” – AS – Art of Skin Care



Harness your body’s natural regenerative power with next generation stem cell technology that effectively soothes and rejuvenates your skin.

NeoGenesis Recovery serum, abundant in S²RM® molecules, is recommended to help restore homeostasis in the skin. Simple topical application should help mitigate skin redness and irritation. Follow Recovery serum with Barrier Renewal Cream, Intensive Moisturizer or Body Cream to help restore the skin’s own moisture, and re-establish the skin’s barrier function. 

For irritated muscosal surfaces, such as mouth, vaginal, and nasal cavities, we also recommend applying Recovery and Barrier Renewal Cream to the area with irritation and sores.




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Concern: Chronic Dry Skin
Christine Byer Esthetics
Chronic Dry Skin
Moisturizing Mist

“Helped my dehydrated skin. I’ve been seeing a dermatologist since Oct ’19 for dry, flaky, sometimes scaly patches around my temples, eyebrows, mouth areas. They prescribed a VERY expensive ointment. I found it(...)

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Concern: Chronic Dry Skin, Chemotherapy Side Effects
Art of Skin Care
Chronic Dry Skin
Intensive Moisturizer
Love it.

“I’m going through Chemotherapy and my skin is very dry, or I should say WAS drying out. This moisturizer has my skin soft and supple again.” ~ AS