Acne Videos

Acne Videos

Embark on your journey to clear, radiant skin with our collection of Acne videos featuring testimonials from customers, hear the insights of seasoned Professionals on NeoGenesis products, and expand your knowledge through our educational videos.

For those prone to acne, the first step is crucial. Our sulfate-free NeoGenesis Cleanser is gentle yet effective, suitable for all skin types and conditions. Unlike harsh cleansers, it leaves your skin clean and nourished without stripping away essential moisture. The key is to avoid over-washing, as excessive cleansing can damage the skin’s natural barrier, triggering increased oil production.

Following cleansing, with NeoGenesis Recovery serum. Enriched with S²RM® technology, it naturally restores balance within your skin. This serum not only aids in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) but also reduces the likelihood of acne scarring. Use it twice daily to promote skin recovery and vitality.

Incorporate our specialized acids, Mandelic Acid 8% or Salicylic Acid Gel, post-Recovery serum application. Introduce them gradually, starting once a day for the initial two weeks. After your skin adjusts, you may increase usage to twice a day if needed. Mandelic Acid 8% offers a comprehensive treatment, while Salicylic Acid Gel is perfect for targeted spot treatment on pustules and comedones.

Contrary to common misconceptions, acne-prone skin requires hydration, not excess oil. Our Light Moisturizer or Barrier Renewal Cream provides essential hydration without triggering increased oil production. Properly moisturized skin is essential for overall skin health, preventing the cycle of oily yet dehydrated skin often seen in aggressive treatments.

Complete your skincare routine with NeoGenesis MB-1 spray. This unique formulation restores balance to your skin surface, mitigating breakouts and irritation. By promoting harmony within your skin, this spray plays a vital role in maintaining your clear, radiant complexion.

At NeoGenesis, we understand the challenges of acne-prone skin. Our tailored solutions, rooted in cutting-edge technology, aim to rejuvenate your skin naturally. Experience the difference with our products and regain your confidence in your skin’s health. 

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